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Paper-Assisted Stone Laser Engraving (PASLE) with 1600 mW Snapmaker Laser Engraving Module

As we know, stone is an intractable material that is "hard" to engrave using laser. Doing so usually require a laser in extremely high power and it only works well against black marble.

However, here we propose a way for carving patterns on a marble or granite slab: Just put a piece of paper on the surface of the stone slab before placing it under your Snapmaker's 1600 mW laser engraving module (make sure the piece of paper staying completely flat on the slab, with as little space between the two as possible), and then do the laser engraving. It's that simple!

Put a piece of paper on the surface of the stone slab you'd like to engrave. Make sure it stays flat on that surface to achieve the maximal effect.

This is how it will look like after the laser engraving process.

The main idea of this paper-assisted stone laser engraving method is that after being processed by laser, the burned paper ashes will be inscribed on the marble or granite's surface, becoming the pattern we can see.

The pictures below shows the final results of our tests. Note that such method works on both marble / granite in different colors, as long as they are not crystalline.

Engraving on a beige marble.

Engraving on a black granite (polished surface)

As one can see, the method does not work well on the surface of crystalline marble.

And the pattern carved can hardly be removed (through washing or scratching) from the stone's surface (See the video:

FYI. The following are the setting we used when performing the engraving:

Maybe you can try applying it to your future project. Thanks so much for reading, and good luck creating!

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