Pictures of tissue paper became the best selling stickers on Taiwanese LINE store?!

Have you ever seen a hot selling product and thinking to yourself: “why in the hell is that a bestseller?” Such experience occurred to me recently, and it’s about a series of LINE stickers that contains nothing but images of tissue-paper balls. These tissue balls, with no special design or cute appearance whatsoever, somehow became the best-selling sticker in Taiwanese LINE store!

As you can see, they really are just tissue-paper balls, and they cost you NT$ 30 (about 1 US dollar)!

The stickers of tissue paper somehow ranked No. 1 on LINE store’s top selling chart.

So, what exactly is happening here? Does it mean that Taiwanese market is weird? Well, not exactly. We believe that this particular case actually matches some points that typically make a marketing campaign successful. But before we go further on that, let’s talk about some general tools that work like a charm in respect of promoting things.

Some Most Powerful Tools in Marketing

People in the marketing business know very well that good products alone are usually not sufficient to make extraordinary sales. In order to get people care about what a company offers, some strategies will have to be used. The following are some very powerful tools in marketing, which have a significant effect on boosting sales when being utilized.

  • Being Different

“How to make your product distinct from others’ within the same category” is one of the most fundamental questions to ask in business, and why it’s so important is easily understandable: being different makes your product stands out from the crowd; therefore having a better chance to gain attention form your potential customers.

The designed spoon has a better chance to get customer’s attention.

The typical design of smartphones bores people and thus prompts the manufacturers to search for new possibilities.

A distinctive product also fulfill people’s wish for being unique. This is especially efficacious to the group such as teens, who have a strong desire for catching others’ eye balls.

Many elders do not understand why wearing pants with holes on them. But to some young people, it just one of the ways to demonstrate their uniqueness.

Note that speaking of being different, it doesn’t really matter whether it’s different in a good or bad fashion. As a matter of fact, sometimes, weird, whimsical, rude, uncanny or even offensive factors have a better ability than positive ones to induce waves on quiet waters, and therefore bringing outcomes to one’s campaign. Presidential candidates start attacking each other before the election is one of the most famous instances of this kind.

  • Crack Some Jokes

Emotions are a strong weapon in marketing. And among all, the one that makes people laugh is arguably the most effective tool. We often see some hilarious commercials on the television or the Internet. They forcefully connect the promoted product with an intense positive feeling, causing the audiences to possess a vivid and good impression on that product. The following ad about Amazon’s Alexa is one of such examples:

However, even though “laughing” is generally related to positive sentiment, note that the “cause” of laughter can sometimes be negative! The following products show us how can that be: the reason these goods are funny is that they’re so extremely pointless or stupid that at some point we find them ridiculously hilarious, and it has nothing to do with using marketing strategy wisely.

Have you ever experienced the pain of unable to find the toilet paper in the dark? Well, me neither!

Worry about taking in too many calories from drinking water? Perhaps Diet Water can help. With only one problem: water is NOT supposed to have calorie!

  • Touch One’s Heart

Another emotion that often contribute to a successful commercial is “touchingness”. Such commercials often involve a moving story and / or music that can effectually trigger audiences’ sympathy. Although such strategy often induce tears, it can create a strong emotional connection between the product / brand and the customers, making people to start caring about the things you’d like to sell. The following Thai advertisement is a wonderful instance of this:

  • We Belong to the Same Group

Depending on the country or race, ethnic identity can be a very powerful weapon in marketing that almost guarantees one’s success. China is a country that is influenced strongly by this factor, in which Chinese people are more willing to use the products produced by Chinese brands than foreign ones. Such phenomenon can be observed from the smartphones’ market share in China:

Chinese smartphone brands dominate the smartphone market in China (source:

In Taiwan, nonetheless, the advantage of ethnic identity attenuates significantly, which is indicated by the fact that big foreign brands usually have a clear edge against the local ones. Also, the topics regarding nation or race are usually very sensitive, and it can limit your products or brands to a certain market. So do be careful if you’d like to utilize such strategy.

  • Taking Advantage of Fame

Celebrities are always a great power to convince people, fans in particular, to empty their pocket. And with the growing of the Internet and social media platforms, cooperating with Internet celebrities and the use of channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on have become more and more crucial for today marketing. Since this is not the point for now, we will include this topic in a future article. If you’re interested, please join our free membership to get notification.

What Make the Tissue-Paper Stickers Successful?

Back to the case of the tissue-paper stickers. What exactly make them ranked number one on the LINE store’s chart? Based on the marketing strategies previously introduced, we’ll say that these stickers are:

  1. very different (though in a bad way)!

  2. very hilarious (considering how absurd they are)!

Besides that, there are some other factors contributing to this instance. First, importantly, those stickers are cheap (it’s about 1 US dollar only). Second, they can be easily purchased online. Last but not least, they are not totally useless. Unlike the case of glowing toilet paper, these stickers can be shared with friends on social media, and they usually give rise to laughter, which is a desirable response for our social interaction.

That said, the success of these stickers are extremely transient, and it is totally understandable: the said marketing strategies can only help attracting attention; it takes something else to make your customers keep buying your products or stay loyal to your brand in the long run. Nevertheless, if you’re doing a short-term promotion, then perhaps these are just the right strategies that you can consider next time!

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