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In this series, we offer the following values:

  1. Introducing knowledge and new findings from brain & mind sciences.

  2. Proposing our own hypotheses on how brain works based on 1.

  3. Proposing new AI method or algorithm based on 1 and 2.

Hopefully, it can inspire you to build a smarter AI!

Neuroscience for AI Developers (NAD)


Switch Hypothesis Cover.png

Switch Hypothesis (1) – A theory of how AI & brain recognize things.

In this article, we proposed an idea that we call Switch Hypothesis for explaining how an ANN as well as a real neural network carry out their functions. Although the content of this article is basic, it's extremely important for our future discussion!

Human vs Machine Eating.png

Why human brains only need a small amount of data?

Speaking of the difference between an artificial and real intelligence, one of the most often things to be discussed is the amount of data required for the system to reach the same performance. Here, we explore the secrets behind...


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