Doll Li Project

Children do not have the right to choose the family they will have to grow up in, but we can choose to show our helping hands to those who are suffering in the dark...

About the Project

What is Doll Li?

Mecca Chen (陳子梅)

The concept of Doll Li originates from Mecca Chen (陳子梅), who has long been concerned about the problem of orphans and abused children. The basic idea here is to create a series of marble dolls (with practical function) that people can buy. And for each doll sold, 5% of the profit will go to the charities that focus on improving younglings' rights and benefit. Through these dolls, we hope gathering people's attention on child protection, making the world a better place for our next generation!

The Logo of Doll Li

Doll Li - The Lee of Children

The film depicts a phantasmal story about a little marble Doll Li pursuing its own idea of “home”.

Four Series of Doll Li

Doll Li the marble dolls are guided by Mecca Chen, designed by Neurozo Innovation and manufactured by EVERLEE, and they come in four types, each with its own function. Every Doll Li is handmade by the artists with exquisite skills and experience in stone processing. And for the material, we reuse the waste marble dumped by others. This makes these dolls not only ecofriendly, but also unique in their appearances.

Series 01 - Smiling

When life brings you down, Doll Li Smiling is here to remind you of being optimistic. The space within the doll can hold the fragrance from your favorite essential oil, getting you ready to face whatever the challenge is waiting ahead!

Series 03 - Charming

There are great diversity in natural stones, just like there are great diversity in human beings. Doll Li Charming is a simple decor that embodies such differences between individuals. The tree segments of the Doll Li are held together by magnets, allowing one to create the color combination that best suits him or her!

Series 02 - Ring

Running a relationship is never an easy task, at least let Doll Li Ring being the witness of the promise you have made to your significant other. The neck and the waist of this Doll Li can hold your couples ring, help you guarding the love you have!

Series 04 - Shining

There won't always be sun in the sky, like there is always gloom in life. But when the darkness arrives, don't be scared, because Doll Li Shining will be your protector. This little lamp not only light up the dim place for you, but the patent it carries can also bring some additional fun to your life!

Goals & Results

 [2018/12/02]  Doll Li will be joining the charity sale held by Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation, all profit earned that day will be donated to the foundation.

Update date: 2018 / 12 / 01

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Doll Li - The Lee of Children

With great sincerity, Neurozo Innovation & EVERLEE invites you to join the Doll Li family! If you are interested in buying, please contact me directly through my e-mail.

We are currently working with Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation. You can show support by donating to them in here.

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